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CLACSO International Postgraduate School in Haiti
(CLACSO Convention – Universidad del Estado de Haiti)
Master Degree - Children and Youth Policy
Debora Kantor (Coordinator)

In the framework of the purposes of the International Postgraduate School of CLACSO in Haiti 2014 has been an intense work period regarding the formation of students of the Master Degree of "Policies for Children and Youth".

Relating to the formation of the students of the Master Degree in Children and Youth Policies:

During the year, nine seminars were held in the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies of the UEH (Port au Prince) headquarter, which represented a significant contribution to the formation of our students.

January: Seminar "Epistemology"
Led by Dr. Senda Sferco (CONICET / Argentina - ParisVIII / France).

February: Seminar "Public Policies Philosophy"
Led by Dr. Brigitte Frelat-Kahn (Universités de Picardie et Jules Verne/ France)

March: First "Encuentro de escribientes"
Led by the MD coordinator, consisting of the development of a intensive seminar-workshop aimed to analyze the draft work of students and to develop conceptual and methodogical guidelines in order to improve their works.

May: Seminar " The Haitian State development (history and future prospects)”
Led by Dr. Sauveur Pierre Etienne and Dr. Obrillant Damus

June: International Seminar on "Policies for equality. Social croossroad and discussions about the future "
Led by the researchers of the Work Groups-CLACSO.

July: Seminar "The right to identity of children, teenagers and young people"
Led by Dr. Graciela Frigerio (CLACSO / UNER, UNL-Argentina).

September: Seminar "Methodology and research"
By Dr. Roland Altidor and Odonel Prof. Pierre Louis (UEH).

November: Seminar "Education and schooling. Policies, intents and effects
Led by Dr. Gabriela Diker. (UNGS - Argentina)

December: Seminar on "Youth and Culture"
By Dr. Jose Manuel Valenzuela (Colegio de la Frontera Norte - Mexico).

During the year the monitoring of the training process of students has been key; in this sense, they were held opportunities of virtual exchange, a systematic evaluation of partial production and the definition of the Directors (Haitian and other Latin American and European specialists), in order to ensure the conditions for an academic monitoring of the draft work that will permit to pass the Master.

Participants : Dominique Antoine, Augustin Bonel, Cherubin Eddy, Desrosiers Vagner, Dubois Jovely, Exalus Fils Jeanty, Faustin Mikerlyne, Florus Jean Dieufort, Erold Jean Hyppolite, Jean Cinedais, Jean -Louis Roosevelt, Jean Louis Wisler, Jean Pierre Christine Betty Marie, Marie Lormeus Nikette, Nadine Louis, Maurice Pierre Roldy, Naomi Nelson, Valerie Jean-Baptiste Payen, Pierre-Gilles Saint-Jean and Jerry Djanold
Master Degree - Education: Policy and Management
Felicitas Acosta (Coordinator)

During 2014 various activities were carried out within the framework of the curriculum of the Master of Education: Policy and Management: Intensive thematic seminars, extensive seminars (whose organization was dictated by the UEH), methodological seminars, “Encuentro de escribientes” and activities of the International School of CLACSO in Haiti.

Among the intensive seminars organized by the MD Coordination, were held:

Seminar "State and Public Policy" (February 2014, by Professor Brigitte Frelat-Kahn, France)
Seminar "Identity and Memory" (July 2014 by Professor Graciela Frigerio, Argentina)
Seminar on "Education and Schooling" (November 2014 by Professor Gabriela Diker involving Felicitas Acosta, Argentina)
Seminar "Educational policies in international perspective" (in December 2014 by Professor Dalila Andrade, Brazil)

Among the extensive seminars organized by Prof. Odonel Altidor, Prof. Roland Pierre-Louis and the Haitian counterpart, were held:
Seminar "The Haitian state" (May 2024 by Professor Sauveur Pierre Etienne)

The activities on methodological seminars were:

Seminar "Epistemology" (January 2014 by Professor Senda Sferco, Argentina-Paris)
Seminar "Quantitative Research Methods" (September 2014 by Prof. Roland Altidor and Prof. Pierre-Louis Odonel, the Haitian counterpart of the MD). At the beginning this seminar was not foreseen but it was added later depending on student request on this topic.

It is important to note the realization in March of the First “Encuentro de Escribientes”of the Masters in Education: Policy and Management coordinated by Felicitas Acosta in where students presented their final works advances. Then, each student presented his draft final work (most of them thesis) and received comments from the other students and coordinators. The meeting was usefull to analyze and improve the projects in terms of subject of study, and to find new methods to advance with their draft works.

Finally, students of the MD attended two activities organized off the MD agenda. During the month of June, they exchanged experiences with other students and teachers during the development of the International School of CLACSO 2014 held in Port au Prince (Haiti). MD students also attended a workshop on Youth and Education led by the specialist Germán Muñoz (CLACSO). In July, during the seminar "Identity", Students also attended the conference held by Prof. Graciela Frigerio, who was invited by COFAL on “identity and memory” .

Participants Charlorin Alix, Choute Ezra CiteMe Diedly, Dazemar Michel Guerda, Desrosiers Magdala, Dorvil Luc Albert, Franklin Nahomie, Guillaume Maccène, Isidor Nadège, Daline Jean Baptiste Joseph Edrice, Louis Emmanuel Grace, Noel Jean Nerva, Pierre Junel, Pierre Makenson, Joshua -Cyr Saint Joseph, Saint Aime James, Saint Jean Ronald and Senecharles Renold.
First “ Encuentro de escribientes” in March 2014. Students from the Master of Education: Policy and Management during the presentation of its draft final work.
First “Encuentro de escribientes”, March 2014. Students of the MD of Education: Policy and Management and the coordinator, Felicitas Acosta, at the end of the work week in Port au Prince.
Prof. Graciela Frigerio (Argentina) in the seminar with MD students.
Master in Development Economics
Debora Kantor (Coordinator)

The International Graduate School of CLACSO in Haiti, aims to contribute to the building of a critical mass of graduates, who are able to perform actively in the development of institutions and organizations of Haiti, creating macro and micro policies for the key areas, in this case, for Development Economics.

With this approach, we worked both on the planning of the curriculum structure and the selection of candidates, giving priority to people involved in governmental and nongovernmental organization, whose formation will provide more skills for the creation and management of programs and projects of local, regional and national development .

Furthermore, were organized some meetings with teachers of the Faculty of Economics, who were permanently involved in the experience and interested in the final thesis of the students.

Students participated in 6 common plan seminars (5 of them led by international professors and one led by an Haitian one) and 5 specific seminars:

Common Plan Seminars:

December 2013. Christian Baudelot: Inequality in the contemporary society
January 2014. Senda Sferco: Epistemology
February 2014. Brigitte Frelat-Kahn: Public Policies Philosophy
May 2014. Sauveur Pierre Obrillant Ethienne & Damus (UEH): The Haitian State Development (history and future prospects)
June 2014. Fritz Jean Vernet & Deshommes (UEH) - Graciela Frigerio - Pablo Gentili - Suzy Castor - Dominique Babini - Dalila Andrade Olveira - Fernanda Silvia Saforcada- Borreli - Graciela Frigerio - Pablo Vommaro - Fabian Espindola - Enrique Valencia Lomeli: Policies Equality: Social crossroads and discussions about future (International Graduate School CLACSO)
October 2014. Roland Altidor & Odonel Pierre Louis (UEH): Survey Methodology and Techniques and tools statistic use. Methodology of writing.

Specific seminars:

April 2014. José Luis Coraggio: An Economy for Life
November 2014. Ricardo Aronskind: Discussions on development
December 2014 Ivonne Farah (UNSA, CLACSO Bolivia): New forms of economies
April 2015. Alejandro Lopez Acotto: Government Budgetary and Financial Management.
May 2015. Eduardo Rinesi: Intervention Strategies

In addition, In March 2014 and 2015, two meetings were held in order to monitor and exchange progress of the student thesis

Thesis subjects cover a wide range of issues, prioritizing agriculture and food production, international cooperation, urban issues and tourism.

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